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EDH Decklist Combo Finder

Magic: The Gathering companion tool that helps you uncover combos in your deck, and discover potential combos.

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How it works

  1. Paste your decklist
  2. Get a list of all available combos within your deck
  3. Click on a combo and learn how to play it
  4. Lists combos where you miss 1 combo piece
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Paste your decklist

MTG Combo Finder Tool

This MTG companion tool lists every available combo in your deck. Copy and paste your decklist, and view all combos, including combos that are missing only one piece to go off.

Commander / EDH Deck Check

This tool is made by an EDH player, for the EDH community! It utilizes data from the Commander Spellbook to find every combo of a given deck.

How to find combos in your EDH deck?

The easiest way to find combos in your deck is to get a list of every card in your deck. You can manually write your decklist down, or use popular deck-building websites like Moxfield, AetherHub, MTGGoldfish, or Archidekt, and then export your decklist from there. The last step is to paste your decklist in this tool, and you’re ready to combo off!

Feature Request & Feedback

Are you missing a feature, or want to give feedback? Get in touch with me via Email.

EDH Combo Spellbook

EDH Combo Search Engine

Find your next combo and learn which cards you need, and how to pull it off!